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You Can 3D Print What?!

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We’ve all seen the videos that circulate around the internet of 3D printers in high-tech labs printing things like car parts and prosthetic limbs. But what we haven't seen a lot of yet is all of the everyday items that are now being created with 3D printers. Despite the fact that the first 3D printer was created 30 years ago, the cost of production limited most industries from utilizing it. New advancements in the technology have increased accessibility and it is safe to say that you're going to be seeing a lot more about 3D printing on your FB news feed in the next few years.

 Now that the 3D printing craze has really taken off, we’ve found some of the most amazing and bizarre things that are being introduced into the world of 3D printing.

1. Food

There is no disputing how far technology has come when you see a video of Nature Made’s 3D food printing machine, Foodini, making a meal with a 3D printer. While 3D food printing was first being used to create synthetic meals for astronauts, it is now creeping its way into our kitchens. Nature Made claims that food printing has both environmental and health benefits, and will promote individuals to cook with fresh food.

2. Ultrasounds

Forget the typical 2D paper copy of a baby’s first ultrasound, because now there is a way to see them in full 3D before they are even born. An engineering firm in Japan has found a way to create a three dimensional replica of a developing fetus for parents to display places other than in a frame or with a magnet on your fridge.

3. Instruments

Although this guitar might just look like a piece of art, it is really a fully-functioning instrument that was created by a 3D printer. Using a 3D printer to produce instruments like guitars, violins, drum sets, and flutes might not yet compete in sound quality with their traditional counterpart, but it does open the doors to create something that looks completely different from the instruments that have been around for centuries.

4. Kitchen Tools

Who needs to go to Pottery Barn to buy kitchen tools when you can just have them printed? 3D Printers are now being used to make our most used kitchen items like bowls, coffee mugs, juicers, and cheese graters. You can also use a 3D printer to customize your own cookie cutter design.

5. Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, with an average of 250 billion dollars being spent on clothes each year in the United States. 3D printing has been exploding in the fashion industry lately with the introduction of 3D printed fabrics, a debut of a 3D printed dress on the runway at a New York Fashion week show, and even celebrities wearing 3D printed gowns on red carpets. Despite the explosion of 3D printed gowns and fabrics, the technology still has a long way to go to be able to replicate every day, wearable fabric like cotton. This means that for now, 3D printing in the fashion industry is directed more toward accessories like shoes and jewelry. As world-renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg said, “Technology is part of our lives for good”. To become a part of the 3D style movement, head over to Accent’s custom jewelry maker to create your very own piece of 3D Fashion!




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