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ACCENT  /ak sent/ 1. noun - an individual's distinctive or characteristic inflection, tone, or choice of words 2. verb –to emphasize a particular feature, to focus attention on, or draw attention to.

Individuality is everything: Who you are, what you stand for, how you view the world.  We live in a time where personality has never been more paramount. That means showcasing your unique perspective in every facet of your life. Show others what makes you tick, where you’ve lived, who or what you love, what you enjoy, and the impact you’re looking to make on the world. Quite simply: set yourself apart.

Self-expression is at the core of ACCENT’s mission. We’re a custom accessory company with a clear goal: empowering individuals to express themselves at the intersection of fashion and design. We have developed a platform to create statement pieces that elicit drama, impact, and are as individual as a fingerprint.

The concept for ACCENT was drawn from founder Nanci Bergman’s long career in consumer products. Whether with large corporations or start-up companies, the quest had always been to conceive, develop, sell, and promote the perfect product that appealed to the greatest number of people. Questions were always looming with retail partnerships: “Was it the right color?”; “Were the features right?”; “Was it on trend?”; and “How long would it be relevant?” Then the light bulb went off: what if the focus was not on mass production for the masses, but rather creating one singular product perfect for an individual? And what if a company could leverage technology like 3D printing and customization software to create a unique customer experience?

ACCENT is about achieving individuality at the highest level. We don’t create one product to sell to one million people; we help each of those one million people make one product exclusively for them.

So get designing....we can’t wait to see what you create!







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