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Once I read One Word That Will Change Your Life, I became a believer.  Being a wife, mother, and career woman I was the queen of scattered goals, to-do lists, and competing priorities. Like so many people, I would always start the new year with a grandiose list of new year resolutions for each aspect of my life.  I would tackle them in earnest for a couple weeks, and then they would always fall by the wayside. That’s what drew me to read and practice One Word. The simplicity and focus that came with just concentrating on one thing and one thing only, allowed me to actually achieve results. My first word was “Believe”, and here is the backstory. Having worked for several startups, I had always had this entrepreneurial spirit I just couldn’t shake.  Even after they all failed, I still had this desire to build something from the ground up.  I had been kicking around the around the idea of starting my own business, but I just couldn’t seem to get the secret sauce right of what it should be and how it would work. Many genius ideas and business plans later, I found myself spinning and could not get something viable off the ground.

It was then that I decided to clear the clutter, simplify, and choose the word “Believe” for the year.   I really needed to believe I could launch something on my own, and suspected it was fear of failure that was holding me back.  I truly committed myself to the process. I had the word Believe plastered everywhere I could think of on sticky notes….on my mirror, fridge, computer, car, you name it. As I focused on Believe and worked to discover what my perfect business would be, the light bulb went off.  Instead of having my word taped on all of my stuff, how cool would it be to be to actually wear my word so it is with me everywhere?  Having your word created into custom jewelry is a very personal and beautiful reminder of your goals.  . Every time you look in the mirror you see it and it becomes part of who you are. Living my word allowed me to ultimately connect the dots and create ACCENT.  It was the perfect way to combine my passion for business, while creating a product that provides a message of empowerment for others, and spreading the word of something I really believe in. I truly hope that every piece of jewelry sold, beautifully inspires someone every day to live their word and their best life.  

FIND- your word

I know for me it wasn’t easy to narrow down all of the possibilities and find my first word. I became overwhelmed deciding, and that ultimately delayed me from joining the movement sooner.  Sometimes we are just in our own heads too much. So ACCENT has developed a quick and easy quiz (less than 3 minutes) that cuts through to what is most important to you. We then email you back Your Word. This is not a robot just spitting out the same results, we have a team of real humans that support you in finding your perfect word.

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LIVE- your word

This is the journey….and the fun part. Appling your word to all aspects of your life with purpose and passion is inspiring. Join the ACCENT community and tell your personal stories of challenges and triumphs.  Having a supportive group helps to both encourage and empower.  We want to be a part of your journey and would love to showcase you on our social.

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SHARE- your word

Being part of the One Word movement made me really want to share the power with others.  I created ACCENT to help other women find and live their word, with the jewelry being a compliment to the process.  It was a natural connection to also want to support the next generation of women in finding their empowerment.  ACCENT has partnered with Girls Inc. which is an amazing organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart, bold, and reach their full potential.

For every purchase made, ACCENT makes a donation to Girls Inc. to support  their important programs.

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